Intermodal transportation

Our company offers various transport combinations. From us you can order transport of goods via land, air or water.

Combination of road and rail transport

  • Container Transport System – we transport containers using railway wagons.
  • The RO-LA – we realize transportation of trucks and kits using railway wagons.
  • ACTS system – we can also transport roll-off containers using railway wagons with rotating frames.
  • The Transport System of Swap Bodies / Superstructure – similar to Container Transport System. The support legs of swap bodies.enable better handling.
  • The Transport of Road Semi-Trailers – we can transport your road semi-trailer / s using railway wagon.

Combination of shipping and road transport

  • LO-LO – vertical transloading by derrick onto the ship.
  • RO-RO - horizontal transloading road vehicles onto the ship.
  • RO-LO – a combination both of these two systems. Ships can transport besides containers also vehicles.

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